Connect with Nature!


Trends come and go.  Shops are hot, and then not.  How has a small, local company like Backyard Bird Shop managed to stay in business for almost a quarter of a century?  We think it’s because we can help you tune into the environment, and start making a difference right in your own backyard!

We believe that hosting wild birds and other backyard wildlife promotes both concern for, and conservation of, those creatures.  And, it’s a nice escape from the steel and concrete that surrounds many of us in our daily work lives! 

Our local flock of shops provide the products and information necessary to transform a typical urban backyard into a habitat for birds, squirrels, bats, mason bees and other wildlife.  Our staff members share a love of nature, many with backgrounds in biology, gardening and teaching. 

At Backyard Bird Shop, we try every day to offer our customers attentive service, plus the highest quality and greatest variety of wild bird products you can find!  You’ll be satisfied with our fair prices, and with the great feeling you get when you connect with nature!